A Guide to the Scientific Knowledge of Things Familiar


Today is May 10th.



London, New York [etc.] Cassell and Company, Limited – https://archive.org/details/dictionaryofphra00brewrich

Heat, an Introduction: Ebenezer Cobham Brewer, author of A Guide of Scientific Knowledge of Things Familiar, was born in 1810.


God Save the Queen

Also born on May 10th: German mathematician Wilhelm Killing in 1847; Actress Mae Murray in 1885; Fred Astaire in 1899, and Sid Vicious in 1957.


Mae Murray Ruth Waterbury – Photoplay Magazine March 1917


On this day…

That call from J. Edgar Hoover was for me.

In 1924 J. Edgar Hoover was appointed Director of the FBI.1024px-J_Edgar_Hoover                                                                                                  photo credit:   Yoichi R. Okamoto


Also on this day in 1940, Winston Churchill became Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.  And on May 10, 1774, Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette ascended the throne in France.  So, in short, to celebrate May 10th, you still have few hours to appoint yourself head of something, or promote yourself to inhabit and nap in tucked away office, or perhaps beat someone at checkers?  Or at the very least, lie and say you did. To quote Sir Winston Churchill: “Perhaps we have been guilty of some terminological inexactitudes.”


    photo credit: Yousuf Karsh

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