Venice, Lost in One Day

One of the earliest experimenters in photography Thomas Wedgwood was born in 1771. Illustrator Henri Julian was born in 1852; pianist Lance Dosser in 1916; silent film actress Billie Dove in 1921; and lithographer Robert Bechtle in 1932.

Lance Dossor (far right), February 1937

Robert Bechtle, ’61 Pontiac, 1968–69. Oil on canvas, 59 3/4 × 84 1/4 in. (151.8 × 214 cm). Whitney Museum of American Art, New York; © 1969 Robert Bechtle

Musician B.B. King died on May 13, 2015. So did poet Franz Wright and astrophysicist Stanton Peale. Poet Stanley Kunitz died in 2005; singer Frank Sinatra in 1998; actress Billie Burke, who played Glinda the Good Witch of the North, in 1970; singer Lucrezia Bori in 1960; and painter Yasuo Kuniyoshi died in 1953.Lucrezia Bori, 1921. Unknown photographer

“Ah, fors’è lui” … “Sempre libera”

From Giuseppe Verdi‘s La traviata, sung by Lucrezia Bori in 1910 for Edison Records.


Yasuo Kuniyoshi from the Archives of American Art

Kuniyoshi. Dream (1922), Bridgestone Museum of Art, Tokyo


Today is the Catholic feast day of Saint Matthias, who was chosen as the apostle to replace Judas after his betrayal of Jesus and subsequent death.

In 1509, the French army defeated the Republic of Venice in the Battle of Agnadello. Wars have never interested me that much, but I like the quote from Machiavelli’s The Prince that is sited on the reference page: “Venice lost in one day gains of eight hundred years.”[1]

In 1796, Edward Jenner gave the first vaccination for smallpox. In 1804, the Lewis and Clark expedition began, travel long up the Missouri River. Virginia Woolf’s Mrs. Dalloway was published May 12, 1925. Israel was declared an independent state in 1948. The United States launched their first space station Skylab in 1973.

Speaking of betrayal, and outer space, and stream of consciousness novels, I was listening to the Stuff to Blow Your Mind podcast about the Boltzmann Brain paradox. It is a thought experiment that posits it might be mathematically more likely that you are a brain floating in a vat in space than a person living on earth. And if you aren’t that, you might have to get comfortable with the idea that you aren’t the only you. Kind of freeing isn’t it? Losing Venice in a day surely doesn’t matter now, even if did mean losing nearly a millennium of work in the lifespan of a mayfly.

Hopefully, it makes all the shit that you was going to keep you from falling asleep tonight less of a big deal. If you are still worried, here is a link to an excellent poem by Franz Wright titled “To Myself” that will take your mind off it.

1. Machiavelli, The Prince, transl. Rufus Goodwin, (Dante University Press, 2003), 77.

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