Man vs Mercury

The astronomer Clyde Tombaugh, discoverer of Pluto here shown with his homemade 9-inch telescope.

In 2005, we learned that Pluto has two more moons, named Nix and Hydra, when the Hubble Space Telescope confirmed this with a second photo, making a total of five moons. Pluto is, of course, god of the underworld. Nyx is the goddess of night, and the mother of the ferryman of Hades, Charon (incidentally another moon of Pluto). Hydra is the nine-headed water serpent from Greek mythology that lived in the Lake of Lerna, entrance to the underworld. Hercules killed it because we can’t have anything nice.

Chemist and mineralogist John Children was born in 1777. He invented a way to extract silver from ore without using mercury. If you would like to estimate your risk of mercury poisoning, go here. Writer, historian, and humanitarian Bertrand Russell was born in 1872.

Filmmaker Frank Capra was born in 1897. Pathologist Michael A. Epstein was born in 1921. He co-discovered the Epstein virus, also known as HH-4 or herpes 4 virus, which can cause mono. Most people are exposed to it and become immune, but in certain individuals, it can wreak all kinds of havoc.

Celebrated cartoonist Don Martin was born in 1931. In 1946, baseball player Reggie Jackson was born. We had an Irish setter named after him. Tina Fey was born in 1970.

Elijah Craig, American minister, inventor, and educator, who invented Bourbon whiskey died in 1808 (does anyone else find that whole combo weird?).

Wrapping up

Today your time is slipping through a siphon or a sieve: a sieve

Lucky number: 58

Odds of dying in a bathtub: 685, 000 to 1

Odds of dying climbing Mt Everest: 1 to 6

Alcoholics Anonymous affirmation: just for today

Percent you could be saving on car insurance: 15

Collaborative fortune based on above: I don’t know, whatever you think

For the weekend: ham on rye?

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