Radar Men From the Moon

Radar Men From the Moon

The Days Before Twitter (does that make me sound really old, or only medium old?)

Nineteen-year-old German aviator Mathias Rust landed in Moscow’s Red Square today in  1987. Flying in from Helsinki, Finland with diplomatic intentions, he was detected several times by Soviet air defense systems but was never intercepted.  As you can imagine, his landing set off a global media spectacle.

Speaking of the Soviets, writer Ian Fleming was born in 1908.  He created James Bond. I love that he chose the character name because it was the most boring name he could think of.

Marco Rubio is 47 today if you want to send him a happy birthday, or a send him a present. My youngest sister won the worst birthday gift story in our family.  Her father was known as something of a junk hunter, and for her 13th birthday, he gave her a six foot tall, 50-pound mirror he found in the dumpster behind J.C. Penney’s. She is a ways off from her next milestone birthday, but it just occurs to me we should probably start planning now to top that.

Eck, it’s also Rudi Giuliani’s birthday, if you believe he was indeed born and not the undead.

So for today, find someone you wish the universe would take back, and give them a shitty gift they can’t return.  xoxo

(Also, I just realized one could surmise I am bundling my sister in with those who I wish the universe would absorb into black silence. This is very much not the case. Only the politicians).

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