Saint Patronilla and the Sick

Who is in charge of this ship?

Big Ben began ticking May 31, 1859. The Johnstown Flood drowned 2,200 residents in Pennsylvania after a dam burst in 1889. The last Ford Model T was produced today in 1927.

May 31st is the birthdate of poet Walt Whitman. Julius Petri, of Petri dish fame,was born in 1852. Did you know that, statistically speaking, the microbes in your body probably weigh more than your brain?

Source: Gray’s Anatomy, illustrated by Henry Vandyke Carter

John Ringling, co-founder of the Ringling Brothers Circus was born in 1866. To celebrate, my I suggest the Bug Circus, which I am in no way affiliated with, just a fan.

Saint Petronilla and the sick, 14th century French manuscript. Is anyone looking for a band name? Because that one is solid.

Today is the Catholic feast day of Saint Petronilla. Her story is truly weird. She may or may not have been the daughter of Saint Peter, who I think cured her of palsy, prized her for her beauty and virginity, and possibly kept her locked in a tower to hide her away from marriage. She she died of a hunger strike (unclear if she was trying to get away from marriage or angry that she couldn’t ). She is depicted in various ways, including “an early Christian maiden with a broom,” or also receiving the dead into heaven, or sometimes as “a woman with a dolphin.” She is the patron saint of the French dauphins, as well as “mountain travelers, treaties between Popes and Frankish emperors, [and] invoked against fever.” Well, glad all those loose ends were tied up there in the end, yes?

Today’s meditation: there is no you

Dinner: circus peanuts

Hidden talent: breathing fire

Back to the bugs.

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