Le Merope, tragedia

La Merope, Tragedia, Scipione Maffei

Writer and antiquarian Scipione Maffei was born June 1, 1675, in Verona. His play Merope is credited with revitalizing Verona theater. He also wrote and published histories of ancient Italian civilizations, apparently in a sort of competition with a worthy foe, Antonio Francesco Gori.  His bio says he published “running skirmishes in print with his rival in the field of antiquities”[1]  I would watch a reality television show about this I think.  And then the follow-up season could be the embittered story of the fight between two printing press owners over the Dove typeface.  I know this probably sounds boring, but really it is kind of a fascinating tale of about a man named Thomas James Cobden-Sanderson who slowly tossed his life’s work over a bridge into the Thames River.  That is commitment, my friend.

Futility Closet Podcast Episode 168: The Destruction of the Doves Type
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Mirror, Clementina Maude, 1862

June 1st is also the birthday of photographer Clementina Maude; actress Marilyn Monroe; and cosmonaut Georgy Dobrovolsky.  Dobrovolsky was one of three men who died in space in 1971 on the spacecraft Soyuz 11.  There might be something there to write about, the first and only men to die in space (as opposed to in takeoff or landing).  There is something kind of haunting about that.

Ann B. Davis, better known to you as Alice on The Brady Bunch, died today in 2014.  I have to wrap this up because I have another job to clock into.  But if you are free tonight, maybe watch A Very Brady Christmas?  That’s what I will wish I was doing.  Sighs.

Ann B. Davis (1926-2014) — The Emmy-winning actress played the housekeeper Alice on the “The Brady Bunch.” (ABC Photo Archives / ABC via Getty Images)

For the weekend: 

Work on your own Dove typeface, the thing that represents you and only you so much that you would throw it over the Hammersmith Bridge to keep anyone else from having it. Metaphorically or otherwise.

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