Does It Matter What Color Your Parachute Is When You Are Falling Towards the End at Terminal Velocity?

Plus what to serve at your funeral

First public demonstration in Annonay, June 4, 1783

Joseph-Michel and Jacques-Etienne Montgolfier gave the first public demonstration of their hot balloon, called the montgolfière, with great success today in 1783.  Exactly one year later Élisabeth Thible, dressed as the goddess Minerva, became the first woman to fly in an untethered hot air balloon.  Their balloon was named La Gustave in honor of the visiting Swedish King and flew in the air for approximately two and a half miles at nearly 5,000 feet.

In 1876, via the First Transcontinental Railroad, the Transcontinental Express train arrived in San Francisco, California, 83 hours and 39 minutes after departing New York City. June 4th is also the anniversary of a breakthrough in automobile travel. Henry Ford successfully test drove his first gasoline-powered automobile, the Ford Quadricycle, today in 1896.


Now I feel compelled to see if I can find any historic events for ships or airplane. Oh yeah.  Some really shitty ones. You can take your pick.  Oh, and this happened today in 1989. I should know better by now than to get all optimistic about history.

Chemist and short story writer for Weird Tales was born in 1873.  Today is also the birthday of writer and illustrator Wendy Pini.  And Dr. Ruth Westheimer was born in 1928.  Better known to you as Dr. Ruth. (I bet you didn’t know her last name either. Or that she is indeed still living, that little spitfire).

Okay, so wrapping up your Monday with a few inspiring travel tales, and a lot of reminders about why mankind is the worst, the question you should be asking yourself: What color is your parachute? 

Not because you need career advice but because clearly, you had better find one before we crash land.  Would you like to make some Mormon Funeral Potatoes: The Carb-Heavy Meal For The End of The World?

Wow, this post got dark really quickly.  How about a link to the most useless quiz ever created: Are You Prepared for a Global Apocalypse? Find out with this quiz.  Then go eat the potatoes.

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