Is That All There Is?

Bedtime for Bonzo

This morning, in a perfectly fine mood, making coffee, I think I got a message for you. As I reached for a mug, I found that, completely unconsciously, I had been singing Is That All There Is?  (I have always preferred the PJ Harvey version). Being somewhat unexpected for my otherwise quiet Tuesday morning, I figured it must be a sign for you. Are you feeling somewhat apathetic today? Well then, let’s jump in.

Otis Barton, Jr. (right) & Will Beebe (left) next to their bathysphere, circa 1930lass=”alignnone size-full wp-image-397″ src=”” alt=”WCS_Beebe_Barton_600.jpg” width=”600″ height=”507″ /> [/capt

Deep sea diver, and co-inventor of the bathysphere, Otis Barton, Jr. was born June 5, 1899. If you want to learn more about a bathysphere, click on this link to Popular Mechanics, published October, 1930.

Pancho Villa was probably born on June 5, 1878.  Philosopher and mathematician Dr. Elena Cornaro, the first woman in the world to receive a Ph.D., was born on June 5, 1646. Astronomer and mathematician John Couch Adams was born June 5, 1819. Using only mathematics, he predicted the existence and placement of Neptune. Let me repeat that: using only mathematics, he predicted the existence of an unknown planet. That is bananas.

Also born today in 1905, Superman cartoonist Wayne Boring. Oh, and Mark Wahlberg.  In recognition of his special day, here is a link to one of my favorite SNL skits Mark Wahlberg Talks to Animals. Remember this one from like ten years ago? Still funny.

Writer O. Henry died today in 1910.  Mel Torme died on June 5, 1999, and Ronald Reagan died today in 2004.  Maybe you can keep his memory alive with some Tom Tierney’s Ronald Reagan paper dolls?  I absolutely own them, and I will confirm they are a worthy purchase.

So, are you still feeling apathetic? Maybe you need your colors done?


If you were a member of the Ex-Presidents, you would be Rutherford B. Hayes.

Still feeling blue? I think you need a change of scenery. If your day was an international airport, its abbreviation would be airport abbreviation generator.

Now don’t go and buy a ticket or anything; this is no time for impulsive travel, we are on the brink of a recession. Just change your desktop background and tell people you went there. (Don’t worry, they won’t ask to see the rest of your vacation pictures; no one ever wants to see your vacation pictures, especially if it was in the mountains.)

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