The Swamp Thing and the Candy Man

GE_FM_radio_antistatic_demonstration_1940 (1)
Public relations demonstration in 1940 by General Electric in their high voltage lab in New York, with a lightning-like arc from a million volt three phase-transformer as a source of interference behind the radio. Source: from E. W. Murtfeldt, “What are the facts about FM?” in Popular Science magazine, Popular Science Publishing Co., New York, Vol. 137, No. 5, November 1940, p. 70 on Google Books

Inventor Edwin Armstrong gave the first public demonstration of FM radio on June 11, 1935, in Alpine, New Jersey.

Photographer Julia Margaret Cameron was born on June 11, 1815. French physicist Charles Fabry was born June 11, 1867. He and Henri Buisson discovered the ozone later in 1913. You know that weakened protective shield made up by the liberal elite to sell newspapers? That one.

Poet Renee Vivien was born on June 11, 1877. Musician Carmine Coppola was born in 1910. You have probably heard his work in many of his son’s movies, including The Godfather trilogy. Marine biologist Jacques Cousteau shares the exact same birthday. Ballerina Beryl Grey was born on June 11, 1927.

Ballerina Beryl Grey pictured in rehearsals for  Sleeping Beauty at @RoyalOperaHouse in 1946.

Painter William Baziotes was born June 11, 1912. Football coach Vince Lombardi was born on June 11, 1913.  Are you like me and only know his name because of the Vince Lombardi Rest Stop on the New Jersey Turnpike?

William Baziotes, Puppets (1947)

Actor Gene Wilder, probably best known to anyone born after 1975 as Willie Wonka, was born June 11, 1933. Have you rewatched this movie as an adult? Because the Candy Man song is super creepy. Also, I found myself rooting for Veruca, or at least actively rooting against Charlie.  Z.Z. Top drummer Frank Lee Beard turns 68 today.


Actress Adrienne Barbeau was born June 11, 1945.  She was in The Swamp Thing. Remember that movie, the one where she falls in love with a human grape leave roll? May we all one day know a love so true.

Mobster Henry Hill was born on June 11, 1943.  You’ve seen Goodfellas a hundred times too, right? One of my friends made the astute remark that the movie Overboard is one that you will always stop and watch on television, but you will rarely if ever see it the whole way through in one sitting. I think the same about Goodfellas. Though TV isn’t really a thing anymore, is it?  Not related, but sort of related, my six-year-old daughters used an old-fashioned landline for the first time this weekend.  One of them was dialing and she made a face and said: “It’s making a really weird noise Mom.” I said “That’s called a dial tone,” and felt as ancient as Methuselah.willy-wonka-new-movieFor tonight: I’ll meet you in New Jersey.  We’ll smoke a pack of Old Golds and listen to Bon Jovi on the F.M. Wear a lot of hairspray, the ozone layer is fine.

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