The Gorilla is for Sand Racing

June 14th has a lot about America in the history lists. It’s the birthday of the US Army. est. 1775. Two years later, the Continental Congress approved the Stars & Stripes for the U.S. Flag. So it is also Flag Day. Pennsylvania is the only place to acknowledge it as an official state holiday. In 1954, President Eisenhower signed the bill into law the added “under God” to the Pledge of Allegiance.

Apparently, Pringles were originally intended for the army as a snack food made of potato flakes to replace actual potatoes that had to be peeled and sliced.  So I guess you can buy some and feel especially patriotic about it today? Only if you are in Pennsylvania though. Or you are an anchor on Fox News. I have a feeling no one else will care.  At least Freedom Fries aren’t still a thing. Are Freedom Fries still a thing?

June 14th is the birthday of organic chemist and inventor Fred Baur, born on June 14, 1918. He applied for a patent for the Pringles can in 1966.  Some sites say he invented the recipe too, but it seems like this honor goes to Alexander Liepa. Anyway, when Fred Baur died in, his family honored his request and at least partially buried him in a Pringles can which is objectively pretty awesome.

In 1989, Queen Elizabeth II granted honorary knighthood to Ronald Reagan.  Did you buy those paper dolls I told you about? Because now would be an excellent evening to reenact and maybe even draw some new outfits for him.

Speaking of presidents, ol’ 45 turns 72 today. I am sure he is doing something expensive and uninspiring. Maybe you should send him a can of Pringles?

You have 10 minutes and then pencils down.


How did you do? I bet you got more than the President. Unless you just filled it in with the names of strippers you know of in all 50 states. Then he might have more than you.





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