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I am trying something new this week, in hopes to eventually move into a weekly post. While I am getting set up and trying to come up with a workable format, I am posting this first one in pieces.

For the week of July 22-July 28:


The Artists

Artwork by Edward Hopper (b. July 22, 1882). From left to right, sketch for Nightime on the E Train (1918); paintings Early Sunday Morning (1930) Manhattan Bridge Loop (1928), Drug Store (1927).


Artwork, top: illustrator Virgil Finlay (b.July 23, 1914). I can’t post enough of his illustrations, they are all great so you can click here to see more.  Painter and sculptor Alex Katz (b.July 24, 1927), Ada (1957).

Animator Ruthie Tompson was born in Portland, Maine (July 22, 1910). She worked for Walt Disney, and, as far as I can tell, she is still alive at the age of 108.

Maxfield Parrish (b.July 25, 1870). Purchased prints of his painting Daybreak have outsold The Last SupperApparently, Michael Jackson and then-wife Lisa Marie Presley recreated this portrait, posing semi-nude in the music video for “You Are Not Alone.” Hopefully, I am not alone in completely suppressing this memory. Let’s all keep doing so.



From left to right: Art Nouveau artist Alphonse Mucha (b.July 24, 1860). This is part of a design on a 100 koran note from 1920. Painter Jane Frank (b. July 25, 1918), uncredited photo, Aerial View No. 1 (1968), and Crags and Crevices (1961). Painter Eugene Martin (b.July 24, 1938), Self Portrait (1990), and Paranoia Stroll (2003). Marcel Duchamp (b.July 28, 1887). Portrait by Irving Penn, (1948) and A Propos de Jeune Soeur (1911) by Duchamp.

For tonight: 

No descending staircases nude. Unless you are getting ready to recreate Daybreak. 


Still to come: The Writers, The Scientists, The Entertainers, The Events, and more about your week.



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